Don't miss the chance to dance with us this season! CAS Dance offers dancers a solid technical foundation while fostering a passion for the arts, positive self-expression, and confidence. Our professional dance faculty provide exemplary dance education in a caring environment that emphasizes each dancer's individual success. With classes for ages from newborn through adult, multiple genres, and pathways for different dedication levels, there is a dance experience for everyone!
CAS was the only program in my area that offered a program for teens who had never danced before, so I decided to try it out. I was absolutely blown away by the caliber of instructors there and, most importantly, their ability to be strict but kind teachers. They pushed me to learn and move my body in ways I didn’t know was possible, yet they never made me feel inferior or ashamed. Rather, they helped me feel proud of what my body could do. I finished out the year in the teen program with a love for dance that I had never anticipated.

Shelby, age 17

CAS Dance means so much to me because when I’m at the studio I know that it is a safe place. Of course, the actual dancing is so fun, but what really makes the environment of this place so amazing is the people you are surrounded with. They’re there to support you and to cheer you up. The same thing applies to the teachers. The whole feeling of being there could be described in 1000 positive words, but if I had to pick one, it would be "loving."

Izzy, age 11

Dance Company is my whole heart and I need it in my life.

Lily, age 10
I love CAS Dance because it makes me happy and makes me feel comfortable and makes me believe in myself. I also love dance because I met people that I have never met before and now we are like a family. CAS Dance is like a safe place to me. It makes me a stronger person and a better dancer. I don’t know what I would do without CAS Dance in my life.

Margaux, age 11

BW CAS Dance Company is amazing. I recently switched from competition dance, and it was the best decision of my life. There are so many wonderful opportunities to perform and grow, not just as a dancer, but an overall person as well. I feel that I have grown so much in my time with CAS so far, and I’m happier in the non-competitive lifestyle than I ever would be in competition. Dance is where I go to be free from stress, and CAS delivers when it comes to a happy and stress-free environment. I love all of the incredible dancers and teachers at CAS and look forward to dancing each night. If I’ve only been at BW CAS for less than a year and have already grown this much, I can’t wait to see where it will take me!

Molly, age 13
    We promise you’ll become part of an inspirational arts community that celebrates, explores and connects individual ability with pathways for artistic growth.