Jeff Dusek

Associate Professor

Dr. Jeff Dusek’s primary teaching interests are in robotics, fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics, sensing and measurement and user-oriented design. In his teaching, Dusek strives to build intuition around foundational engineering concepts using exploration, experimentation and real-world examples. He leads the Laboratory for Adaptation, Inclusion, and Robotics (LAIR), which focuses on interdisciplinary undergraduate research in the broad areas of marine robotics and assistive/adaptive technology. Through his research, he has collaborated with MIT Sea Grant, The Peabody Foundation, Toyota of North America, the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) and community-based assistive technology experts.

Prior to joining BW, Dusek spent five years at the Olin College of Engineering as an assistant professor of mechanical engineering. At Olin, he contributed to the development of the foundational Quantitative Engineering Analysis stream of courses which presented students with an integrated approach to core concepts in mathematics, physics and engineering. He also led initiatives to increase access to undergraduate research opportunities and coached the Olin College and Wellesley College sailing teams.

Before Olin, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Self-Organizing Systems Research Lab at Harvard University investigating underwater robotic swarming under the guidance of Radhika Nagpal. He is a Cleveland native and is excited to bring his experiences in engineering education and research back to his hometown.