What's the Score? Podcast by Baldwin Wallace Center for Coaching Excellence

What's the Score?

A Podcast from the Center for Coaching Excellence

What’s The Score? is a monthly podcast featuring interviews with coaches, administrators and other professionals who share their experiences and expertise on how to achieve your personal and professional best.

The podcast, presented by the Center for Coaching Excellence at Baldwin Wallace University, is co-hosted by Kerry Bebie, founder and director of the Center for Coaching Excellence, and Thomas Moore, Director of Marketing in the BW Division of Community Learning.

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Welcome to What's the Score

In the debut episode, co-hosts Tom and Kerry discuss the creation of the Center for Coaching Excellence, the local and international programming offered, and how coaching transcends sports.

Creating Future Leaders Through Sports

Steve Thompson, Director of Athletics at Baldwin Wallace, shares stories about his career path as a college athletic administrator, how sports develop great leaders, and the lessons he has picked up from coaches along the way.

Charting a New Path

Steve Ellison, president of the Minority Athletic Directors Association, discusses his career path, the formation and growth of MADA, and some of the challenges and opportunities facing today's athletic directors.

Building Bridges: Engaging Students

Dr. Don Parker, one of the nation's most sought-after speakers, talks about his career path, and shares some tools and tips that educators can use to meet the academic and emotional needs of their students.

Tackling Illiteracy

Janet Kassoff, a senior program manager with The 2nd & 7 Foundation, talks about the impact and growth of the foundation, their Hog Mollies book series, and the partnership with Baldwin Wallace's student-athletes to take a reading program into area schools.

Forging His Own Path

Armand Whitt, a 2022 graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, and a graduate assistant in the Center for Coaching Excellence, assistant coach with the BW men’s soccer team, assistant coach with the St. Edward High School boys soccer team in Cleveland, and a trainer for Team Challenger FC South, shares his journey from a small town in Alabama to Northeast Ohio.