Open Enrollment

To support the development of leaders at all levels of organizations and industries, BW leverages its diverse portfolio of faculty experts and practitioners to offer a robust, a la carte menu of open enrollment offerings and certificate programs on the most in-demand business topics and professional skills.

Open enrollment courses intentionally bring together leaders from a variety of industries and sectors. This enriches the open enrollment learning experience by welcoming a diversity of perspectives and providing opportunities for participants to extend their professional networks.

Browse our programs by area of study to find one designed for you.

Executive & Professional Development Programs and Courses

Project Management

No matter the industry, project management helps you break down complex work into manageable tasks, ensuring project success. Courses include:
  • Project Management Overview
  • Establishing Project Scope
  • Stakeholders and Driving Change
  • Identifying and Managing Risk
  • Building Project Teams
  • Project Communications
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Tracking
  • Estimating Project Work
  • Balanced Approach to Agile Project Management
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Critical Thinking

Thinking critically involves solving problems, analyzing and synthesizing information, and providing unbiased observation, reflection, and reasoning. It's an art that requires training. Courses include:
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Workplace
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Nonprofit Management

Traditional nonprofit management approaches emphasize efficiency and even austerity but do not account for nonprofits that are fragile and unprepared for crises. Crises are the new normal, and nonprofits need a new way of managing. Nonprofit Management Certificate program provides professionals with a focused set of courses designed to develop their skill set in a short amount of time so they can apply it in real-world situations. Courses include:
  • Effective Methods for Partnership, Collaboration and Mission Fulfillment
  • Advancement, Funding Sustainability, and Social Enterprise
  • Leadership, Governance, Human Capital, and Resilience
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