Nonprofit Management Certification and Training

Traditional nonprofit management approaches emphasize efficiency and even austerity but do not account for nonprofits that are fragile and unprepared for crises. Crises are the new normal, and nonprofits need a new way of managing.  They can be for:

  • Economic recessions
  • Pandemics
  • Social unrest
  • Sudden political change
  • Environmental catastrophes
  • Organizational scandals
  • Combinations of the above

We may not even be able to imagine what may be next. What is really needed is resilience.

Baldwin Wallace’s Nonprofit Management Certificate program provides professionals with a focused set of courses designed to develop their skill set in a short amount of time so they can apply it in real-world situations. The three modules that comprise the knowledge of the program focus on a new approach to the dilemmas of nonprofit institutional life.

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Who Benefits from a Nonprofit Management Certificate?

Whether you’re a nonprofit manager today, aspire to become one, or see value in applying a nonprofit management approach in your role, this certificate program offers each of the skills and key pieces of knowledge to be successful. It’s relevant to all industries and any skill level and offers a great opportunity for advancement.

Nonprofit Management Certificate Course Objectives

Sessions take participants through the following:

  1. Effective methods for partnership, collaboration, and mission fulfillment
  2. Advancement, funding sustainability, and social enterprise
  3. Leadership, governance, human capital, and resilience

    Individual Nonprofit Management Courses

    The Nonprofit Management Certificate series includes the following courses:

    • Effective Methods for Partnership, Collaboration and Mission Fulfillment
    • Advancement, Funding Sustainability, and Social Enterprise
    • Leadership, Governance, Human Capital, and Resilience

    Find the course that's right for you, or register for the entire certificate program:

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    What is the Format of the BW Nonprofit Management Certificate Program?

    The nonprofit management courses can be taken together to earn a Nonprofit Management Certificate or individually if preferred.

    • Accredited Baldwin Wallace professors teach classes.
    • Courses are open enrollment and not credit earning. Courses do provide Continuing Education Units for those whose careers require evidence of continuous learning.
    • All courses take place in the spring of 2024.
    • Classes are held on BW’s beautiful campus in Berea, Ohio.
    • Lunch breaks are provided.

    Course Fees

    Course fees for individual classes in the Nonprofit Management series are $500 each. If you enroll for the entire certificate program at once, the cost is $1,275, a savings of $225.

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