About the BW Community Arts School

The mission of the BW Community Arts School is to enrich lives by providing experiences that promote life-long engagement with the arts.

Core Beliefs

The BW Community Arts School believes:

  • Lifelong engagement with the arts contributes to personal growth and well-being.
  • Lifelong engagement with the arts is key to sustaining a creative and involved community.
  • Lifelong engagement with the arts must remain accessible to all.

Promise Statement

We promise you’ll become part of an inspirational arts community that celebrates, explores and connects individual ability with pathways for artistic growth.

Strategic Plan

The Community Arts School's work is guided by a Strategic Plan that ensures our programs fulfill our mission statement and support the needs of our community. Completed in 2016, the development of this plan was led by a committee of faculty, staff, and local stakeholders, while also reflecting input gathered from participant surveys, parent focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.
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CAS is currently embarking on a strategic planning process to chart the organization's vision and goals in its next phase. More details about the new Strategic Plan will be released in Summer 2022.