About the CAS Dance Department

The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dance Department provides dancers a solid technical foundation, while encouraging a passion for the arts, positive self-expression, and the confidence to be successful. Our professionally trained dance faculty focus on the holistic development of each dancer in an environment that focuses on creativity, personal achievement, discipline, dedication, teamwork, friendship, kindness, and respect. Our goal is to develop not only the best dancers, but individuals with the skills needed to be successful in the future.

We train our dancers on and beyond the dance floor so that each artist builds a strong body and a healthy, confident mindset. Our dancers are educated in anatomy and kinesiology, as well as injury prevention to help keep them dancing for years to come.

Dance students are taught the ability to make creative choices, leading to increased confidence, independence, and critical thinking skills. Dancing gives students an outlet for their emotions and promotes a positive way for students to express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

Dancers are trained in movement in a way that promotes coordination, motor skills, flexibility, strength, and stamina. This knowledge leads to increased physical fitness, exercise habits, and a long-term health lifestyle.

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What Makes Dance at CAS Different?

Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dancer Stretching Back Mid-Leap

Celebrates the Individual

Our uplifting, non-competitive environment focuses on each dancer’s individual strengths and achievements no matter their skill level. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures no student slips through the cracks or feels left behind.

Professional Faculty

Our dance faculty is composed of professional instructors who bring a combination of professional experience, teaching experiences, degrees, and elite certifications to the team.

On & Beyond the Dance Floor

Our dance program focuses on training on and beyond the dance floor. We are not just training dance technique in multiple genres; we are nurturing the dancer as a whole person, including instruction in goal setting, recovery, and kinesiology.

Safety First

Our dance curriculum ensures that all students have the foundation needed to progress to harder concepts so that there are no gaps in their technical ability. Placement assessments and examinations provide students and parents with a clear set of expectations for promotion to the next level but also challenge students to develop new skills.

Everyone is Welcome

We are committed to abandoning stereotypes and allowing each dancer to be their own unique self. We believe that dancers are artistic athletes and that they have their unique physical strength, grace, vulnerability, and power. All are welcome and celebrated here.
Young Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dancer on Campus Posing

Backed by Baldwin Wallace

Our connection to Baldwin Wallace University gives our students unique opportunities for collaboration, instruction from college faculty, and opportunities to use university practice and performance spaces.