Richard Seil

Piano Instructor

Richard Seil has a wide background in private and collegiate teaching that extends over 30 years. His private teaching philosophy emphasizes the Suzuki philosophy and pedagogical approach, and he has also taught a wide variety of traditional students. He is extremely excited to be back in Northeast Ohio as the head of the piano faculty and Suzuki piano teacher at The Music Settlement in Cleveland.

His teachers include world-famous pedagogues Menahem Pressler (IU), James Tocco (CCM), Karen Shaw (IU), Richard Fields (CCM) and Robert Mayerovitch (BW). Furthermore, Mr. Seil’s Suzuki certification through Book 5 of the Suzuki Piano Curriculum (studied with Rita Hauck) has provided him with a wealth of skills to positively influence developing musical minds of all ages. Professionally, his most recent collegiate position was as a sabbatical replacement for his former teacher, Robert Mayerovitch at BW in Berea, Ohio. Mr. Rich has taught at the Wyoming Fine Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, Slater Music Academy and Tallant Music Studio in Ft. Thomas, KY, for the past 15 years. Additionally, he has held teaching assistantships at Indiana University and the University of Cincinnati.

His teaching philosophy, whether teaching a young beginner, a budding professional, an adult beginner or an adult returning to the piano, can be summed up in one word: adaptive. It is paramount that a teacher be able to adapt to the learning style of any student while, at the same time, keeping a goal in mind. This is probably why he has had success teaching traditional students, Suzuki students, collegiate students, adult beginners, and young professionals.

In addition to membership in various professional organizations, Mr. Seil enjoys performing in casual and professional settings. Furthermore, he has played violin and conducted professionally.

When he is not teaching or performing, Mr. Rich enjoys attending concerts, jogging, watching football, pampering his pets, and rescuing animals.