Burrell Observatory Lecture Series


Burrell Memorial Observatory, a gracious gift from Mrs. Katherine Ward Burrell in 1940, commemorates her husband's legacy as a distinguished designer and engineer responsible for crafting some of the world’s most monumental telescopes. Housing a remarkable 13 3/8-inch Warner and Swasey refracting telescope, alongside a display room and dedicated astronomy classrooms, the observatory serves as a vital hub for astronomy education under the auspices of the Department of Physics. Through meticulous refurbishment, the building's interior now harmoniously blends its historical charm with historical charm with functionality.

Beyond its astronomical endeavors, Baldwin Wallace University is also renowned for its vibrant Burrell Observatory lecture series, which enriches the academic and cultural landscape of the community. These lectures, featuring esteemed speakers and experts, cover a wide array of topics, providing a valuable platform for intellectual exchange and lifelong learning. The observatory, coupled with the university's dynamic lecture series, exemplifies Baldwin Wallace's commitment to both scientific exploration and the broader pursuit of knowledge.

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