Center for Collaborative Problem Solving


Baldwin Wallace University's commitment to collaborative problem-solving extends beyond the classroom, thanks to the visionary efforts of Dr. Ed Meyer and Professor Meridith Witt. Through both college courses and specialized evening and summer programs offered at BW, their pioneering work has made problem-solving skills accessible to all ages.

Meyer, a distinguished physics professor and a global advocate for problem-solving education, emphasizes for students that employers seek individuals who do not just solve equations but can innovate and navigate challenges. He also highlights that problem-solving is a skill that stimulates brain growth and enhances neural connections.

His co-teacher Witt, also a Physics Professor, underscores the importance of problem solving group activities to assist in developing communication, patience, and empathy. Participants are encouraged to embrace the process of discovery, emphasizing the value of perseverance and creative thinking. Dr. Meyer and Professor Witt's problem-solving courses and programs beyond the classroom, build mental fortitude, teamwork, consensus-building, adaptability, and resourcefulness — all essential life skills.

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