American Modeling Teaching Association (AMTA)

2024 AMTA Workshops

Baldwin Wallace University is offering three modeling workshops for Summer 2024:

  • Biology (2 weeks)
  • Chemistry (2 weeks)
  • Computational Modeling Physics First (2 weeks)

Contact us with questions about any of these programs.

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Baldwin Wallace University takes immense pride in presenting three transformative workshops hosted by the American Modeling Teaching Association (AMTA): Biology, Chemistry, and Computational Modeling Physics First.

The AMTA methodology is a dedicated endeavor to elevate the professional growth of STEM educators. It employs Modeling Instruction, a guided-inquiry approach that centers instruction around a cohesive model development storyline. This approach seamlessly integrates content delivery with active scientific exploration, thereby cultivating a profound understanding of the subject matter. Extensive research conclusively demonstrates that students in Modeling Instruction classrooms consistently surpass their peers in traditional settings in terms of conceptual knowledge. AMTA remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting exceptional teaching and facilitating profound learning experiences, incorporating the latest in technology and insights gleaned from educational standards and ongoing research.

Participants in AMTA workshops can expect to receive a comprehensive set of course materials and engage in a dynamic alternation of roles as both students and teachers. This process serves to refine their skills in guided inquiry and cooperative learning, ensuring an enriched educational experience.

*All workshops are two weeks in length and participants are required to attend in person daily for full sessions. Professional development credit is available - equal to four credit hours and is built into tuition pricing. Residential housing option is available as well for the two weeks.