Katie Adkins

Director, Choose Ohio First STEM Scholars Program and Talent Pipeline

Katie never left college! During her undergraduate experience, she developed skills from various service and leadership roles and decided on a career of supporting others throughout their college experiences. Over the past 13 years, she has devoted herself to serving students in higher education, where she takes great joy in seeing students grow over their academic journey.

Katie’s passion for STEM coincided with her own children’s curiosity about the world and everything in it. As the Director of the BW Choose Ohio First STEM Scholars Program, she leads grant initiatives that provide professional development programs and comprehensive STEM success coaching. Her mission is to empower students to achieve their academic, personal, and career aspirations. Katie derives immense joy from witnessing their development as they progress and complete their academic programs into fulfilling STEM careers.

Beyond her official roles, Katie is a natural connector and a fervent advocate for STEM. She actively seeks opportunities to foster collaborations within the BW campus and the wider community, working to build pathways into STEM careers. You can see her at events like BW’s hosting of Science Olympiad, STEM Goes Red for Girls, and the Score with STEM Outreach with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Katie holds bachelor’s degrees in politics and government, sociology/anthropology from Ohio Wesleyan University and a master’s in education from BW’s Leadership in Higher Education program.

Katie, alongside her husband Ryan, embraces the joys and challenges of raising five curious boys and an endearing dog in Fairview Park. She is the family photographer, an active volunteer in her church community, and has a sense of adventure to explore new places and try new foods and recipes! She enjoys selecting books from libraries and thrift stores for read-aloud times with her children and loves a great cup of coffee.